E. David Simons

They call him "The Encourager". He is an awareness & clarity builder, a truth teller, and a fresh kick start in your ministry or career. He asks great questions and expects answers from the heart. He is a futurist, connecting your head with your heart, guiding today's choices through the lense of tomorrow's possibilities. Through his coaching, speaking, and writing, E. David Simons creates champions - not managers of change.

In his keynote presentations and workshops on coaching, change, renewal, and employee development, E. David equips his audiences to successfully navigate a world of constant challenge, limitless choice, and relentless change.

Great coaching creates new ideas for addressing problems, enhances creativity, inspires the mind, and encourages the heart. You have the wrong coach if this kind of outcome is not felt regularly.

Whether you feel stuck in the currents of change, swept aside on the rocks of the shore, or seeking strategies to move further upstream into your future - E. David is the right coach for you.

The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara hudsoninstitute.com
Lifeforming Leadership Coaching lifeformingcoach.com
25+ years of leadership development, motivational speaking, and missional ministry

Favorite coaching fields:
Personal Empowerment