Consultant Certification Training Workshop

Course Description
The Lifeforming Consultant Certification Training Workshop is a 3-day workshop for participants and an extended 4th day for Strategic Partner Relationships for sales and marketing purposes only. This platform is for an individual or business entity that is focused on consulting and organizational development as well as the reselling of FAI's MERIT Integrated Solutions™ product resources and other services.

Improve Human Capital Decision [PDF]
Blue Ocean Strategy [PDF]
12/06/2010 - Webinar [WMV]
12/23/2010 - Webinar [WMV]

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the post-training requirements participants will be able to:

  • Understand the MAXIMIZERS as core principles and DNA of the character competencies.
  • Interpret the MERIT Profile Report as a set of qualitative data points used to enhance:
  • Decision-making processes related to hiring the best possible candidate.
  • Coaching insights to support employee development and succession planning.
  • Engage with clients regarding how MERIT Performance Indexing can be leveraged to increase predictability of selecting an individual for a specific job position.
  • Engage with clients to assist them in assessing and developing a desired organizational culture using the MERIT Culture CQ methodology.
  • Utilize the Human Capital Assessment Report as a client engagement process.


  • Foundational Learning Community with direct 90 day support for client recruitment & support at 50% special reduction price of training
  • Direct & recurring revenue streams in five distinct areas
  • Add on coaching options and revenues for additional income streams
  • Shape the character and culture of leaders and organizations in the marketplace and ministry place as part of our legacy and calling together