The Vision:

10,000 Leaders Coached Indigenously by 2010 for an International Coaching Movement


Train 10-12 missionaries or key indigenous leaders in full TLC Coach Trainer Certification over a 12 month period = 10 Certified Coach Trainers


Each Trainer trains 100 ACT Growth Coaches in 15 weeks session of 25 each x 4 sessions = 1,000 Certified Growth Coaches


Each Growth Coach coaches 10 leaders for 10 sessions = 10,000 leaders coached by trained leadership coaches


  1. Leaders have support, encouragement, and accountability to “finish well”.
  2. Leaders live out their lives with balance, purpose and focus.
  3. Leaders have a tailor made approach to development including their unique design (gifting), desires (core values & spiritual passions), dreams (God given), and destiny (life purpose and mission).
  4. Leadership culture is developed in churches and missions that is authentic, life-giving, team building, conflict reducing, and collaboratively non-toxic.
  5. Spiritual fathers and mothers are equipped to minister the Heart of God to new believers, new church members, and new leaders.
  6. These trained coaches, in both the ministry and the marketplace, would be positioned to lead people to Christ, starting a coaching revolution as well as a church planting movement!

Bridges of communication are established through the “language of coaching” that enables leaders and believers to impact others in their vocational sphere of influence in their nation.

2011 and Beyond!

Continue to expand into new nations and networks as the exponential impact of TLC's International Coaching Movement touches the lives and ministries of leaders all around the world.


$70,000 per nation including translation of materials, scholarship of coach trainer certification, and oversight of coaching quality and process to the nations leaders through the role of International Director.