7 Mountains Coaching

In key areas of our vocation, 7M coaching is what today’s leaders are looking for—a coaching dynamic that calls forth their destiny, challenges them to go deeper and reach higher, and help them stay focused on fulfilling their kingdom purpose in the marketplace. 7M Coaching can better equip you to train, coach, and/or lead in the seven mountains of vocational life:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Media
  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Family
  • Non–Profit Sector

Session 1: The 7M Coaching Distinctive: Causing Coaches and Clients to “Stand out”
Session 2: The 7M Coach: Conversational Intelligence Difference
Session 3: Keys to 7M Transformation
Session 4: 7M “Performance Coaching” Model
Session 5: 7M “Purpose Coaching “ Model
Session 6: 7M “Passion Coaching” Model
Session 7: 7M “Unfair Advantage” Coaching
Session 8: More 7M “Unfair Advantage” Coaching
Session 9: 7M Coaching Logistics
Session 10: 7M Coaching Resources