Intelligent Behavior Seminar Plus


Learn and experience a basic paradigm of human behavior including human uniqueness, complexity and differences. These skills enhance your ability to communicate more effectively with coaching clients, co-workers, family and friends. On top of that, you will have a blast at this workshop!

The power of Intelligent Behavior is in knowing how to use the knowledge you gain concerning motivational gifting. This one day Lifeforming Seminar Plus © takes a whole new approach to discovering behavior! We will show you the motivational gifts in action through the use of innovative coaching techniques and interactive learning games which demonstrate individual design at work. You won’t just learn about your own motivational gifts, your eyes will be opened to see the divine design of those around you. Your Intelligent Behavior will be incredibly enhanced by attending this workshop!

This discovery workshop is based on the seven personality types found in Romans 12. It features a fun, participatory style and offers optional coaching support and/or follow-up training to help you integrate Intelligent Behavior into your personal relationships, work and ministry.

The Plus has two options:

  1. Register for a 13 week more intensive training, the Intelligent Behavior Track.
  2. Request Information about getting a personal coach by contacting info@lifeformingcoach.com.


Let us know your interest and we will bring an Intelligent Behavior Workshop to you!


Next available Intelligent Behavior Workshop date to be termined.

Please let us know your interest by emailing info@lifeformingcoach.com

$75 per person
$100 if attending with spouse

Workshop includes:
Assessment, Fact Sheets,
and Lots of Fun Learning!


Workshop Scheduled for November 2018. To register or for additional information, contact Lyn@lifeformingcoach.com.
To set up a workshop in your area, contact Lyn at Lyn@lifeformingcoach.com.