Intelligent Behavior Track

Become a Behavioral Consultant and Coach! These skills are an excellent asset to equip you to be at your best when coaching your clients.


You will develop an understanding of basic human differences and how to leverage that knowledge to coach individuals as well as teams. The Intelligent Behavior Track uses a highly interactive, experiential process to discover and learn to implement the behavioral styles mentioned in Romans 12. Hone your personal coaching skills by learning to identify behaviors using both the biblical and cultural terms for different styles, see the seven behavioral styles in operation and learn principles of behavior

These principles apply to:

  • Identity
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Team Building

This is a 10 week distance training program and will be completed through group coaching in tele-classes, personal exercises and working with people in your sphere of influence. You will experience being coached and coaching others with your new Intelligent Behavior skills in the discovery and implementation process.

In addition to this training track, we recommend you also attend a Intelligent Behavior Workshop. We will be conducting Intelligent Behavior Workshops in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Check for current workshops for more information. If you are unable to attend here in Virginia Beach, let us know your interest and we will bring the Intelligent Behavior Workshop to you!


Cost includes Manual,
Fact Sheets, Gift Games,
& 11 Assessments
$1295.00 (plus tax and processing)


To register and pay for this track online, click here. Cohort is formed with a minimum of 4 trainees and maximum of 8 trainees. Program beginning November, 2018 with Orientation.