Coach Trainer Track

Application Process:

  1. File an "Intent to Enroll " form with the Lifeforming office at the beginning of the Implementation Track or following the completion of Implementation.
  2. Record and submit a log of 25 hours of "as-needed" coaching (not peer coaching, coach training, etc.) using the Lifeforming-approved coaching log [Excel spreadsheet].
  3. Conditional acceptance acknowledged through email.
  4. Final Acceptance into the Coach Trainer Program effective upon successful completion of the Professional Coach Training Program (ACT or Formation, Life Focus and Implementation) and favorable recommendation of your Coach Trainer.
  5. To begin the last section of the Growth Coach Trainer Qualification (Individualized Supervision and Consultation), applicants must have a group of ACT Trainees already registered with the Lifeforming Leadership Coaching office.

Growth Coach Trainer Qualification and License

  • Successful completion of three Professional the Coach Training Tracks
  • 10 week Coach Trainer Training followed by 15 week Supervision during an ACT Program
  • Excellent evaluation and feedback during and following training in a Supervised ACT Program
  • Qualifies you to train ACT Programs through a renewable license agreement as a Lifeforming Growth Coach Trainer

Growth Coach Trainer Track and Trainer License for two years is a $2050 investment in your future and the future of those you will train.

License is renewable and there are upgrade options. Price does not include shipping and applicable taxes.

Additional Required Reading
How To Run Seminars & Workshops by Robert L. Jolles (available at amazon.com)

To apply for the Growth Coach Trainer Track, complete the Intent to Enroll form and the Coaching log mentioned above. For more information concerning the Growth Coach Trainer Track contact us at info@lifeformingcoach.com.