Foundations in Accelerated Coach Training

A unique training experience that brings both the spirit and competencies of empowering conversation to everyone you serve


Foundations in ACT is an affordable, high impact 8-week coach training program designed to get you coaching fast!  Get ready for lots of personal engagement and opportunity to become a coach and begin coaching others during training.  It is proven that experiential learning has more stickiness than information only.  We can only give what we have to give, and Lifeforming  coaches have developed a unique presence for engaging clients. The weekly time commitment is approximately four to five hours. The training includes weekly group class sessions, peer coaching appointments, appointments with a client, and appointments with your coach trainer. There is a lot of support for trainees during training, we are better together!

You will experience it from the inside out. Coaching is really about helping others discover how to live more fruitfully, more effectively, and more abundantly.

Course Benefits

  • Professional Coach Training
  • Pre-approved coach training by the International Coach Federation
  • Improve Listening
  • Gain Communication Skills
  • Experience a new you through developing the Heart of a Lifeforming Coach!



Lyn Eichmann, PCC and Dr. Joseph Umidi, PCC
8 Lessons


Foundations in Accelerated Coach Training

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Foundations in Accelerated Coach Training

  • Gain the Foundations of Coaching
  • Define the Coaching Paradigm
  • Develop the Heart of a Lifeforming Coach
  • Learn to Listen in a Variety of Ways
  • Ask More Powerfully
  • Begin coaching a Client during Training
  • Setup and Develop Two Coaching Relationships