Train the Trainer for Enterprise Coaching

Equipping Leaders to use Coaching techniques and Observe Others Find Their Why, Play

Course Description:

Learn to equip corporate and non-profit leaders as effective, technology-enabled Enterprise Coaches. You will also learn essential facilitating skills for successfully training others in the basics of coaching concepts using our unique 3D Coaching Model. And it is all powered by a one of kind coaching app, MasterCoach App, the world’s first action oriented coaching app. The 3D Coaching model and the app will enable any manager, supervisor, team leader, anyone who oversees someone else, to immediately begin using coaching skills and competencies with the MasterCoach mobile technology. In this two-day on-site or virtual training, you will experience Enterprise Coach Training and learn proven trainer and facilitation techniques from experienced corporate and non-profit trainers. Skillful and intentional facilitation is a key to successful and sustainable learning for those to whom you will bring Enterprise Coach Training.

Target Audience

    • Experienced Facilitators
    • Trained Coaches
    • Professional Business Trainers
    • Consultants
    • Human Resource Trainers



ECT Trainers
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  • Train Management to use Coaching techniques
  • Successfully Facilitate Group Training
  • Become adept using MasterCoach App
  • Coach effectively with 3D Coaching Model
  • Expand your Client base as a Trainer/Facilitator
  • Resource your Clients with a Technology based HR Solution