Implementation Track

Advanced coaching skills and exercises, including practical tools for identifying and engaging possible topics for coaching with clients. You will learn to create growth plans for almost any coaching agenda. Completion of ACT or it's equivalent is recommended.


  • Be able to identify and name intuition indicators in a story or situation
  • Demonstrate ability to ask effective probing questions (neutral, tentative, partnership) to gather information
  • Be able to identify the different categories of formation issues on the sifting table, and what techniques are appropriate to engage them
  • Understand and be able to use the A.T.E.P. framework to discern whether and when to engage an issue
  • Be able to develop growth plans using Lifeforming and personal resources for a client’s growth goal
  • Have identified his or her personal coaching messages, audience, niche and goals
  • Know several indirect engaging techniques and how to use them
  • Be able to demonstrate engaging an issue with several different partnering techniques
  • Understand the place of direct techniques and how to use them
  • Have successfully coached a client under supervision of a trainer

Sample Session Audio

Use the mp3 player to listen to a sample from the Implementation Track materials - "Growth Plans" by Tony Stoltzfus (Session 4) | Download mp3 »


Track Start Date Track Description Track Cost
September 12, 2019Implementation September 2019 Virginia Beach $1622.74 USD

See calendars on the student resources page.