Professional Coach Training

Unlock Sustainable Personal Change Through The Professional Program:

  • Develop a Strategic Growth Plan for Your Clients
  • Craft Life Purpose Statements for Yourself and Your Clients
  • Make Conflict Less Damaging and More Productive
  • Catalyze In-depth Conversations
  • Listen Intuitively
  • Ask Powerful Questions
  • Reflect and distill principles for anchoring sustainable growth

The Professional Program is a one-year training program created to prepare you for coaching at the professional level. The program is composed of three tracks, Formation, Life Focus and Implementation. Each track is 13 to14 weeks in length.

Each track consists of a workshop, Tele-classes and peer/coach trainer meetings. The peer/coach trainer meetings allow you to practice the tools and methodologies that you learned and receive feedback from a professional coach. The time commitment is approximately three hours per week in addition to a two-day workshop.

Professional Leadership Coach Qualification

Earn a highly respected qualification and join the worldwide coaching movement as a professional coach.

See calendars on the student resources page.

Formation Track
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Life Focus Track
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Implementation Track
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