Real Talk Seminar

Use Professional Coaching Techniques to Revolutionize Your Everyday Communication

Unlock Sustainable Personal Change Through Real Talk /strong>:

  • Connect Relationally with Your Children
  • Communicate Intimately with Your Spouse
  • Uncover Forgotten Dreams
  • Make Conflict Less Damaging and More Productive
  • Lead Engaging Meetings
  • Excel in Customer Service

About the RT Seminar

Real Talk is a one-day seminar training leaders in effective interpersonal communication skills. RT is an interactive experience including demonstration, practice and constructive feedback.

Drawing from the same insights and exercises of our intensive programs, the RT Seminar equips attendees to use professional coaching techniques to revolutionize their everyday communications.

You also have the option to continue with the fifteen-week Accelerated Coach Training Program at the end of the seminar.

The RT Seminar provides interactive training in listening for the deeper meaning, asking questions to open others up and solving problems permanently by not giving advice.

You’ll learn ways to get a response instead of a reaction, how to jumpstart a significant conversation with anyone, and how to avoid the #1 killer of authentic communication.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock sustainable change in your ability to communicate.

The RT Seminar Outline:

Session One: Real Talk Overview

Session Two: Conversation Killers

Session Three: Listening to What Really Matters

Session Four: Ask More and Tell Less

Session Five: Asking Powerful Questions

Optional: ACT Workshop I Session

Real Talk Introduction:

Click play to begin.
Length: 2 min. 5 sec.
Download the RT introduction video: WMV (20.1MB) | MP4 (for iPod, 9.89MB)

Real Talk Overview:

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Length: 15 min. 16 sec.
Download the RTT overview video: WMV (146MB) | MP4 (for iPod, 70.5MB)

If you are interested in hosting a Real Talk Seminar at your organization, please contact the office at 757-631-4440 or info@lifeforming.com.

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