Quotes from individuals who have completed the Life Focus Track

"If you are stuck in life, restless, or in transition or a dry period you should go through the Life Focus Track."  My life, my husband’s life, and my two client’s lives have been completely transformed through this process."

"You just have to do it"

"Life focus is an amazing tool to explore what God is doing in your life.  It is so big, I can’t describe it!  It is a powerful tool for giving you a way to live out your dreams.  You leave the program with a plumb line for living!"

"Life Focus helped me to focus more intentionally.  I no longer have to be all things to all people!  I now have a filter for my life!"

"The most significant experience of life focus was the authenticity of my coach and my peers."  I was able to grow towards my destiny, go deeper into reflection and understanding, to be more authentic and free."

"Life Focus takes everything and puts it together to move forward to who God made you to be.  That led to something significant in my life.  It led to Big Transformation."

"The most significant piece of the Life Focus process was the ownership of my own destiny.  It gives me hope.  My entire outlook is more hopeful.  I know I don’t have to do everything, I just have to do my piece well."

"My client gave recommitted her life to Christ as a result of this process.  I started the process thinking this was a program that would just work with Christians.  I was wrong!"

Stories from individuals whose lives have been changed by Lifeforming Leadership Coaching

Do you believe in coincidences? I don't. I think every time we experience something that looks like a coincidence we need to stop and look around, because we are being told something that is deeper than the "coincidence".

That is how I came to Transformational Leadership for training, and also how another "coincidence" while in training helped propel me forward, but first let me tell you about how I came to Transformational Leadership for training. I was searching for answers to a career change that weighed heavily on my mind and heart. I had already left a good information technology job because it wasn't where God was directing me to go, I had re-entered college and had received a degree in psychology. The search was for the answer to "what next, God?" While talking with a friend about possible avenues I could take he mentioned a good friend of his named Joseph Umidi. Before I met with Joseph I read his book Transformational Coaching just to prepare myself for who this guy was and what he was all about. I was impressed with the book and intrigued to find more about him. We met for several "coffee hour" talks and he suggested I take ACT training.

I took the ACT training and while in class one day we had a peer session. My peer was Dan Tingley and peer session was about my search for purpose. I told Dan a little about my search and as "coincidence" would have it my past experience in architecture fit in with some work he needed done. What happened next was simply amazing. I went to work for Dan part-time and he recommended me to Joseph to help with organizational leadership for TLCI. In January I offered Joseph 100 days of service to help with organizational issues (contracts, processes, finances). Then in May I became an employee of TLCI and things have been wonderfully changed in my life. I have had the privilege of meeting many great people and through their sincere friendship have found peace. Now I move forward as a servant leader.

So I am in Mississippi with 14 middle schoolers and one high schooler and we are doing a Vacation Bible School every morning for 12 slightly hyperactive kids from Mississippi. As is to be expected, by Thursday, the team is tired and no one really wants to be doing VBS anymore. On this morning my high school leader is having to search for all of the folks who are supposed to be taking charge of each area of the VBS. The game leader is no where to be found, the snack coordinator is complaining that she has had to clean the kitchen six times and can never get anyone to help her, and bible story time is out of control. Needless to say, my high school leader is VERY frustrated. I'm just smiling and nodding, knowing that this is very normal, but definitely needs to be dealt with.

Before coaching training I would have pulled them all together and discussed their commitment to and focus on the mission we came to Mississippi to accomplish. It would be loving but firm and they would come out of it feeling sorry for their behavior but determined to do better. All of the motivation would have come from me. I would be responsible.

Since I had the coaching training, I took an entirely different approach. I sat them all down. I told them I wanted to go around the room and hear from all except the high school aged leader first. I asked them how they thought the day at VBS went, what was good, what was not so good and how they thought we could improve. One by one they all talked about how they were not really focused on the task but on themselves instead, and they each gave an excellent synopsis of how they could do better the next day. Then the high school leader got a chance to speak. She summarized the three things she needed most from the team and wasn't getting. I simply restated what they had already said and closed in prayer.

The next day was amazingly better and the kids were taking responsibility for their own actions. Not one person had to be "found." And I stayed totally out of it. It was theirs and they handled it.

Thanks for what you do.

If I had not gone through the coaching journey with you none of this would be happening.  I cannot fully explain it but taking that journey with you opened up something in my heart, mind and spirit to the point that I was able to expand creativity, correct character issues, hear God's voice, and get in tune to my true purpose, vision and values.  You will truly share in the reward of all of this that we are attempting to do.

It has almost been a whole week since my graduation date of May 5th from Regent University. That day concluded the most significant accomplishment of my life - I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. I know you must be wondering what this has to do with you. Well, it is to you that I owe a world of thanks and gratitude.
God used the Transformation Leadership Coaching program as the major means to redirect my life back to the educational arena. I contacted my former Coach, Bonnie Kyle, to inquire into who was the catalyst behind that program. She reminded me that it was at your hands that this program was developed.

In 2004 I participated in the TLC program, as someone from the community, to serve as a partner for my sister Joyce Cheatham (Masters of Divinity, '06). Joyce needed this course in order to complete her degree program. I was simply helping her. The more sessions that I attended the stronger I heard my Father's voice. Listening and sharing in the exercises just created a deeper desire to want to be a part of this place, this environment, this center of learning. The most momentous exercise of the program was "Discovering Your Gifting." This activity was most noteworthy. However, the one concept that revolutionized my way of thinking about me and even others was "REDEFINING SUCCESS AND FAILURE." This concept set me free on so many levels. With this new found way of looking at life I was able to fill in the "On-Target Living" with the commitment that I would contact Norfolk State University to pursue their degree completion program (since this was the last place I was enrolled) . Instead, as a non-traditional student, God opened the doors here at Regent University to complete my degree. I know beyond a doubt that God used your program to spring up hope in my heart, placing my feet on a 'solid foundation'by providing for me a Christ-centered education.

Now I am on my way to higher academic heights. I will always remember that it was through your program "Transformational Leadership Coaching" that He placed before me an open door, and commanded that I go - the clear voice of the Father.

Transformational Leadership Coaching Testimonies

The following quotes were taken from group debriefing sessions after the group had completed a TLC coaching track. They are all from experienced leaders – pastors, church planters, leadership consultants, cell group overseers, seminary professors, business executives and entrepreneurs. 

      "I’ve had these values [accountability, authenticity, relationship] for most of my life, but there is a relief to having actually lived them out; to have walked my talk and to feel the integrity of doing it."  B.V. 

      "...it is so valuable to have material that is doable for the common person – it takes work, but it is simple.  The exercises do a good job of breaking down a big concept into tangible, practical, bite-size steps... In fact, it’s so practical and applicable to life, that people could easily miss how profound and life-changing it is."  W.G. 

      "[Life Focus helped us] get a handle on the fact that we are doing too much for others and not giving our family its due...I think for the first time in our 41 plus years of marriage we will stick to the process and be able to get some more control over our lives."  P.W.  

      "[learning to] ask powerful questions opened up entirely new doors to me. It made me look at people and try to draw answers out of them instead of just telling them – it was revolutionary." (Grad student) 

      "I am continually running into students and people who want to change life habits. Through a specific class assignment I read about their struggles and their plan for overcoming those struggles and I see that they will probably have little if any success in making the change, because of the method they are using to make the change. But it is the known method – ‘I will do this...I will that...In the past I have done this, but this time I will...’  Through the use of accountability - the NEW ACCOUNTABILITY, as taught in the formations track, I have been able to make several significant changes that I had previously been unsuccessful in making on my own."   (Business School Dean) 

      "I like the whole idea of feedback, it really adjusts perspective. I wish I had done this earlier in the year. I will use this concept in more areas of my life when it is relevant that I know how things are really going (vs. thinking I know how things are going). When done well (right questions, right attitude), everyone benefits. My kids feel that they can speak about more than they could before. The lines of communication are more open.  … Thank you for changing my life. My family (wife and kids), school work, perspective and even my goals are the better for having gone through this process. Thank you."  P.H. 

      "Prior to being in TLC I’ve never really had a peer coach or a coach. One of the things I’ve picked up is the incredible value of this…"   (JN, fortune 500 VP) 

      "This had been life changing – its not that there has been a whole lot of new knowledge for me, but the whole experience has been like a real-time case study. [TLC training] doesn’t just add a couple of tools, it spreads out into all the other tools I already had and adds another dimension to them."   (Executive) 

      "I’ve probably gotten more out of this class than 98% of my other ones."  (Grad student) 

      "I discovered the need to always be coached…That was a watershed for me…I don’t want to ever stop being coached."  (Grad student) 

      "I can’t believe the way my husband engages me as a result of [TLC training]…he asks great questions."  (Corporate executive) 

      "The whole potential of this for developing leaders just boggles my mind."  (Consultant) 

      "This whole thing has opened my eyes to the deeper needs of people..."   (Entrepreneur) 

      "Even though I went out and got a degree in violence prevention, through the TLC process I’ve seen that the real violence that needed to be eradicated was in me..."   (Grad student) 

      "This has put words to a lot of what God has done in my life over the last ten years – and put feet to it."   (Educator) 

      "The coaching method of learning puts the typical seminary educational method to shame. The coaching track has the advantage of being very focused, but I feel like I am coming away with more practical knowledge than any other class."  (Grad student) 

      "I was extremely skeptical [about working with an unfamiliar peer]…but I believe I grew more as a person by working with someone who didn’t know me… It began to imbue me with the confidence to more aggressively pursue strong, spiritual, intimate relationship with other men, which doesn’t happen in my culture."  (African-American Consultant) 

      "The process I went through was more important to me then whether I got certified or not…"   E.B. 

      "I brag about you all the time to my friends. I've been through counseling and all kinds of training in business and in church, but I've never had anything like this before, that combines the business world and the church and what is going on inside me...I'm just growing so much." (Entrepreneur, owner of 5 different companies)  

      "A pastor I'm coaching through life focus told me today that as part of his assignment he was coaching a member of his church from the business community (a banker who oversee 55 employees) through some of the life focus exercises. In their final appointment, the man made a comment about how much he cares for the people under him, wants to look out for them and help them in their careers and personal lives. The coach validated that in him, and highlighted how this businessman was really thinking like a shepherd for his employees in the marketplace. That touched something significant in this man, and he asked the coach if he would continue to meet with him regularly to help him flesh out what God would have for him to do in his job. This was the first person this coach had ever coached."  J.E. 

       "Because the relational process [with the peer coach] is so intentional…within a short time we touched more areas in depth than I have with any of the other pastors I oversee."     (Apostolic Leader after 7 weeks in TLC training) 

      "My productivity has gone up to a level it hasn’t been at for 20 years…because I’ve focused on the goals I need to be working on."  (Consultant) 

      "Sometimes I wonder if I’m making progress, but then I look back to where I was at 5 months ago and think, man, I’ve grown more in the last 5 months than in the previous 5 years."  (Pastor) 

      "I have been in management with my law enforcement agency for almost 16 years and this has been one of the most successful tools I’ve encountered."  (Executive) 

      "I’ve never come across anything like [TLC training]…Some other types of training programs cover these principles, but where else do you get to sit down and talk one-on-one with a coach on the phone?…This is having an immediate impact on my life and ministry – talk about getting a bang for the buck!"   D.M. 

      "The SMART goal concept – I had taught it, I had just never done it."  (Executive) 

      "This program is far beyond the [other coach training] I had. It isn't just good material, it's also well organized and will make it easy for me to do what I set out to do from the beginning: train lay leaders to become coaches without my having to reinvent the wheel for training purposes."  (Pastoral Leader) 

      "The most significant learning experience has been developing authentic relationships with another person. Being accountable to someone else has showed me how important this is for assisting someone in reaching their goals and purpose in life. This whole experience made me feel lighter because I no longer felt I had to hide things. I guess the word is liberation."  (Non-profit leader) 

      "My other coach training before TLC was not fundamentally an experiential learning process. It was more informational…in terms of things that personally impact you, that because they touched you then you can turn right around and do it with others…no, it was mostly head knowledge."  (Manager) 

      "You bring some things [at TLC] in terms of professionally developed curriculum that nothing else I’ve seen comes close to."  (Executive) 

      "Things that used to take twice as long to get through, because I would only communicate in my own gifting style, I now speak the other person’s language and get through those communications right away!"  L.D. 

      "In the future, people who are not coaches will not be promoted."  Jack Welch (Longtime GE CEO) 

      "...it is so valuable to have material that is doable for the common person — it takes work, but it is simple. The exercises do a good job of breaking down a big concept into tangible, practical, bite size steps that anyone can do. In fact, it's so practical and applicable to life, that people could easily miss how profound and life changing it is."   (Educator) 

      "I recommend TLC highly.  Although I have only one other coach training program to compare it to, I think TLC is head and shoulders more effective and professional.  The curriculum is much more interesting, user friendly and organized than that of the other nationally recognized program I took before, the trainer is authentic, there is no "tag team" approach to training, peer coaching is used much more effectively and is integral to the experience, role play in person is very effective, and the tools to implement the practice of coaching are outstanding.  TLC is interested in promoting the practice of Christian coaching for the sake of the kingdom - not just in creating more money-making opportunities."  (Church Leader)   

      "Because of her own life experiences my coach brings incredible insight to her role as a wellness and lifestyle coach. She brought me from drinking 8-10 diet cokes and 4-6 cups of coffee a day to someone who now regularly only drinks water (and lots of it) and I enjoy doing it. Beyond just making dietary changes (which I really needed) she has helped me to find balance and meaning in my life. She has helped me prioritize what is really important to me. A great listener and coach she has helped me to make significant progress in strengthening relationships with people, especially with my wife and children! I am truly gratefully for the changes she has helped me make in my life and I strongly recommend her."  (Consultant referring to his TLC coach)  

      "Have you noticed that people are around here in the office are different? They really listen to you now!"  (A staff member responding to the leader of his pastoral team, following two weeks of TLC coach training.)                                

      "Honey, what’s happened to you? You’ve really changed!"  (A trainee’s wife to her husband only 2 weeks into the training, Canada)    

      "When I started this coaching program, I thought of it as routine, just another thing to do for my job…but now that I’ve seen the power of it…if I had a coach like you when I was 20 or 30, my life would be so different, so I want to be a coach and do this for other people."   (Korea) 

      "This is world class – this is state of the art! [TLC] is going to rapidly advance leadership development."  (COO of an international non-profit) 

      "This is really rattling my world!"  (District superintendent)  

      "I’m on fire! This is really helping me, and I can’t thank you enough."  (Manager) 

      "This material is immediately transferable and usable.  Given opportunities to try out the coaching technique in the peer/coach context is very helpful.  Being able to turn the learning experience over to someone else is immediately applicable.  The coaching values are universal and stand true for everyone and that makes it immediately transferable."  (Canadian Educator)