Accelerated Coach Training

A Unique And Powerful Kind Of Coaching For Those In The Mission Of Forming Lives.

Lifeforming’s Accelerated Coach Training (ACT) creates a unique training experience that brings both the spirit and competencies of empowering conversation to everyone you serve.

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Accelerated Coach Training


Affordable coach training is not defined just by the total cost but how the trainee can get a coaching income while going through the training itself! Most programs are too intense on content and leave little room for the relational context of coaching while learning. ACT actually trains you in how to get paying clients early on. We coach you as you coach them. Paying clients can cover your training costs as you go through it!


Accessible coach training means that you experience the simplest integrated system to manage your own coaching on a digital coaching platform. The combination of online live-stream, pre-recorded videos and audios, with live online, supervised peer coaching and group debriefs, save travel and onsite room and board costs. The online digital technology enable even the least tech-savvy coach enjoy the best of coaching and training. The systems make that possible.


Achievable coach training means that the training can be done while continuing other commitments. Many looking for coaching need transition coaching skills themselves while they mesh the training and coaching time into their already full lives. Those learned skills will also help you help others who need to navigate their own busy and complex lives.


The ACT Training is an in-depth, 15-week program designed for those who desire to use competencies either as a professional coach or professionally in their current role.

ACT is a creative, highly-enjoyable, 15-18 week, fast-paced and personal engagement that provides a concentrated, deep learning experience. The weekly time commitment is approximately four hours. The training includes two workshops, weekly group class sessions, peer coaching appointments, and appointments with your coach trainer. The support and oneon-one coaching is a vital part of ACT.

You will become a Certified Lifeforming Coach. You will have also completed enough required Coach Specific Training Hours needed to apply for your ACC Credential through the International Coach Federation (ICF) using the Portfolio Path, and/or become an ICF Member. You will also be qualified to present the many Lifeforming Seminars and Workshops.

We invite you come and learn with us and join the worldwide Lifeforming community of empowering coaches and leaders!

Jesus the Master Coach brings a fresh approach to addressing the ordinary conversations in your life; conversations with your children, your spouse, your staff.

This book will prepare you for the conversations that matter in your life by applying the unique approach of Jesus.

This focus of this book will lead to extraordinary results. Hope and passion for things that really matter will be ignited in your heart. And out of your mouth will come words that cause ‘a flame to burn in the hearts of others.

“Didn’t our hearts burn within us while he talked to us..” Luke 24:32

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Here is what other students are saying

“Lifeforming’s ACT has not only impacted our personal lives, our leadership teams, our church, and Beijing – but also the world!”

Danny & Jill, Pastors – Church Planters, Beijing

“ACT Leadership Coaching is the most valuable and transformative process I have ever experienced.”

Dr. Earl, Pastor – Professor, Life Coach/Trainer

“Thank you so much to Lifeforming Leadership Coaching for this life transforming experience of ACT.”

C.M., 7M Consulting

“ACT and Lifeforming Coaching has made a significant, transformational in my personal life, in my ministry, and in helping to impact a nation.”

Dr. Les, Strategic Cell Ministries International (USA)

Our next training begins Monday, May 6, 2024.
Seating is limited, so REGISTER NOW!

Price : $2495