Intelligent Behavior Course

Using a Personality Assessment in Coaching
Learn to Use Motivational Personality Types with Clients

Want to add value to your coaching? Have you ever wondered why you connect well or communicate easily with some clients and others are more challenging? This course will equip you to better connect, communicate and motivate clients. During Intelligent Behavior you will understanding your own motivational personality style and learn to discovering and implement your client’s motivational personality style. You will develop an understanding of basic human behavior and how to leverage that knowledge to coach individuals and teams. The Intelligent Behavior Course uses a highly interactive, experiential process to discover motivational personality styles and how to implement those results with those you work with. This training will also help you when using other assessments with the principles you will learn during training.

We use a Motivational Personality Assessment based on 7 types, or styles, referred to in Romans 12. Hone your personal coaching skills by learning to identify behaviors using both the biblical and cultural terms for different styles. You will experience the seven behavioral styles in operation with lots of practice as part of the program! This enhances the learning process and retention of each behavior.

These principles apply to:

  • Identity
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Team Building

These skills enhance your ability to communicate more effectively with coaching clients, co-workers, family, and friends. On top of that, you will have a blast learning and implementing this new paradigm into all your relationships.

Wondering about accessibility during the global pandemic? No problem! Intelligent Behavior is completely virtual! The is a10 week distance learning course through group video sessions, personal exercises and working with people in your sphere of influence. You will experience being coached and coaching others as you develop your Intelligent Behavior skills in the discovery and implementation process.

Required Additional Textbook: Discover Your God Given Gifts


People who:

  • Aspire to partner with others based on their uniqueness
  • Have a willingness to self-manage and engage others with better understanding
  • Work more effectively with teams
  • Desire to greatly enhance communication skills
  • Create sustainable change!



Lyn Eichmann, PCC
12 Lessons


Intelligent Behavior Course

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Intelligent Behavior Course

  • Develop a Paradigm of Human Personality
  • Appreciate Individual Uniqueness
  • Understand All 7 Styles
  • Learn to Use Assessments
  • Implement Client Styles during Coaching
  • Add Value to Client Experience and Progress