Courageous Conflict Resolution

At Home, Work and in Life!


“Without conflict we can never truly develop intimacy.” Bet you never thought of conflict like that! If you are facing conflict at home, at work, or any area of life, more than likely you wish it would just go away. Since you are reading this, you are on the edge of a breakthrough perspective on what conflict is and why it is both necessary and beneficial in organizations, families and personal relationships. Are you ready to dive into conflict with confidence and competence?

We all have conflicts, and we all likely wish we didn’t have to deal with it. Soon you will engage the opportunity as a peacemaker with new perspectives and skills.


  • A willingness to courageously engage challenging, often toxic and emotional situations
  • A sincere desire to facilitate conflict resolution


  • Everyone


Dr. Joseph Umidi
5 Lessons


  • Upgraded perspective on Conflict
  • Understand the What, Why and How of Conflict Resolution
  • Resolve Conflicts between Individuals and/or Groups
  • Confidently and Competently use Key Conflict Resolution Principles