Formation Coach Training

Become a Lifeforming Growth Coach
Foundational Coach Training for Becoming a Coach

The Lifeforming Formation Track is the first step in Lifeforming coach training process. It works with values, coaching competencies, and formation topics that are foundational for coaching personal change in any aspect of life. Training uses the Lifeforming Formation Manual as the primary resource. Each class incorporates one or more ICF competency due to the interrelated nature of competencies in the coaching partnership. All 11 ICF core competencies and coaching ethics are covered in the Formation Track.

Live sessions are conducted through video conferencing and include demonstrations, practice, and debrief. The training encompasses a variety of input methods: working with a coach trainer, a peer trainee, and audio input sessions, individual exercises in training manual, and interactive group sessions. Trainees also work with a peer under the supervision of the Trainer and complete an oral outcomes exam. Upon satisfactory completion of Formation, you earn the Lifeforming Growth Coach Certification.


People who:

  • Aspire to partner with others toward their objectives
  • Have an openness for your own personal development
  • Have a desire to see others experience personal development


Lyn Eichmann
14 Lessons


  • Develop the Relationship
  • Catalyze Authenticity
  • Create Healthy Accountability
  • Learn Active Listening
  • Ask Powerful Questions
  • Learn how to use Focus, Feedback and Debriefing