Dreamfire Experience Facilitator

The Convergence of Purpose and Passion Combining On-line video with Live Small Group Discussion


The Dreamfire Experience is a highly interactive and visual event with a small group and an informal peer-group follow-through process of dream conversation. The event and the follow-through process intentionally ignites the powerful combination of passion and purpose. This unique process has the potential to foster a ‘community of dreams.’

The Process
The workshop is an interactive experience for people motivated to live their lives on purpose. The presenter will model the process by demonstration, illustration, and activation. As a result, the participants will interact with the facilitator and their peers by reflection, realization, and replication.

Making A Living (And A Life) Doing What You Love.

image_dream1The Dreamfire Experience. Lifeforming’s new signature dream-coaching experience.

image_dream2Join an International Creative, Collaborative Online Community.

In The Dreamfire Experience you will…

  • Discover, Define, and Ignite your God-size dream with Actionable Plans
  • Connect with others pursuing similar dreams anywhere in the world
  • Discover and Benefit from ongoing, intentional S.E.A. groups
  • Become a trained and licensed TDE Presenter
  • Receive a complete TDE Marketing Kit
  • Join a special TDE Online Mastermind Group
  • Options to Participate in a special TDE Incubator for business building
  • Receive all TDE Updates

Your Participants experience…

This transformational experience helps people clarify their hopes and dreams, discover their true purpose and calling in life. Participants will paint a compelling vision motivated by deep passion and guided by core values. It then shows them how to capture this newfound spiritual intelligence as they learn by experience a purpose-focused way of living going forward.

Dreamfire Workbook and Life Journal

Download the Dreamfire Workbook and Life Journal. Print a copy to write in, capturing your responses as you go through this course. At the end of the course you will have created a tool for use as you pursue your passion with purpose.



Dr. Joseph Umidi
6 Lessons


Dreamfire Experience Facilitator

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Dreamfire Experience Facilitator

  • Experience the powerful difference it makes by living and working out of your core purpose and passion
  • Receive transformational training to become a licensed presenter of Lifeforming’s The Dreamfire Experience
  • Get the resources and support to scale your business and monetize your best dreams
  • Enjoy the freedom of making a living doing what you love!