Life Focus

Life Focus Training provides trainees with tools that equip you to coach clients through one of life's most common challenges

Course Description and Mission:

Life Focus training provides trainees with tools that equip you to coach clients through some of life’s most common challenges:  Is this all there is in life? What is my purpose?  Using core coaching techniques, competencies, and values, Life Focus tools provide an opportunity for clients to answer questions like: Why am I here? What is my purpose? How do my dreams fit into my future? Is it really possible to live according to what is important to me? How do I get there?

Your mission if you decide to join Life Focus training is to personally experience, and learn to walk with others through their experience, discovering existing clues in your life, dreams,  and personal core values that answer those questions above.  You will also learn long-term goal setting and strategic planning based on the design and destiny clues gathered in the discovery process. Trainees learn and develop their coaching skills through coaching a client in life purpose discovery, and personally experience the process of being coached during the course.

Completion of a level 1 training, Accelerated Coach Training (ACT) is recommended (not required) prior to taking Life Focus, our level 2 training.

Here’s what to expect:
– You will receive an invitation to a Zoom virtual Orientation.
– Orientation is 7:00 PM Eastern Time and ends by 8:30 PM
– Week 1 begins the same week.
– Weekly meeting times are set at a time that works for you, your peer, and your trainer.
– In Week 10 we have a cohort-wide virtual 2-day workshop. Times adjusted based on diversity of time zones.
– 14 Week course runs weekly.

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Lyn Eichmann
15 Lessons


Life Focus

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Life Focus

  • Develop a deepened sense of destiny
  • Discover personal experiences in a fresh way
  • Learn to coach others through reflective life purpose discovery
  • Understand and begin to experience why and how to dream
  • Identify and deal with dream busters in our lives
  • Discover a biblical life planning and goal-setting process
  • Become adept at working with dreams and goals
  • Develop a working set of personal values in the ten life categories
  • Coach toward action steps for practical life changes
  • Develop tools to stop and re-focus when needed