Real Talk

Experience and learn the proven principles of opening up minds and hearts in personal and group interactions.


Real Talk has been presented in multiple countries, languages, and age groups with 5 star ratings.  It is the foundation for healthy homes, churches, and workplaces when practiced and applied at key opportunities.  It is our most popular course and successful participants can facilitate it for numerous scenarios for increasing the quality of relationships and the culture in which we live and work.

It is typically best practice to have the following sections as well:


  • A heart to make a difference in your conversations
  • A willingness for self-awareness and self-management


  • High school and up
  • Staff and Leaders
  • Spouses

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Dr. Joseph Umidi
5 Lessons


  • Connect Relationally with Your Children
  • Uncover Forgotten Dreams
  • Make Conflict Less Damaging and More Productive
  • Lead Engaging Meetings
  • Excel in Customer Service