Training Schedule

Our Professional Coach Training programs are offered regularly, three times each year. Accelerated Coach Training (ACT), Life Focus and Implementation are offered in the January, May, and September. We also offer private organizational training (see below). These training programs are conducted by on our Coach Trainers in cohorts, where you will have live classes, virtual group classes, work with a peer, and do individual exercises.

Our upcoming training schedule:

Accelerated Coach Training

Orientation January 7, 2020
Weekly sessions through April 30, 2020

Orientation May 12, 2020
Weekly sessions through August 31, 2020

Life Focus

Orientation March 12, 2020
Weekly sessions through June 18, 2020

Orientation May 13th, 2020
Weekly sessions through August 21, 2020


Orientation March 5 , 2020
Weekly sessions through June 4, 2020

Orientation May 21, 2020
Weekly sessions through August 21, 2020

Presenter Package Training is also led by a Coach Trainer and when these courses are scheduled, they will be posted here. If you are interested, please contact us at:

Organizational Training is available for private groups who have 8 or more participants. Please contact us at: for an appointment.

Lifeforming Self-Study Courses are available to begin as soon as you register. Please visit our companion site: