Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerated Coach Training Program (ACT) using the ACT Training Manual 10.1 is an ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hour program. These means once you successfully complete the ACT 10.1 and you are interested in applying to ICF for an ACC credential, you use the ACSTH Path in completing your application. The ICF website is extremely informative as you click on and read through all the links on this ACSTH Path page. There is information below on receiving Mentor Coaching.

All other Lifeforming coach training is ICF Competency focused. Lifeforming training in these courses fall into the 3rd category under Definitions for coach specific training using the Portfolio Path, which reads:

"Training that is specifically marketed as teaching coaching skills, that teaches coaching skills or teaches how to apply technical skills in a coach-like manner and teaches coaching skills in accordance with the ICF Core Competencies."

When applying for an ICF credential you may use the ACSTH Path if all your training has this pre-approval. If some of your training is not from ACSTH program or a ACTP training, then you will need to use the Portfolio Path for your application process.

Lifeforming invests in preparing our coaches and our coach training materials so that those who choose to pursue International Coach Federation (ICF) credentials are prepared to meet the requirements on an individual basis using the Portfolio Application. Each Lifeforming track covers all 11 ICF Core Coaching Competencies and provides our coaches with the coach specific training hours needed to meet Portfolio Application requirements. The number of coach specific training hours received depends on the program(s) an individual successfully completes.

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with ICF, Lyn Eichmann is a Qualified Mentor Coach and can provide the Mentor Coaching required for ICF ACC or PCC applications. Those interested in applying for an ICF credential can get the required Mentor Coaching hours by joining a Mentor Coaching Group. We offer this as a separate piece to give everyone the flexibility to get the Mentor Coaching when they are ready.

Mentor Coaching Groups are offered several times each year. Along with the 10 session, 3-month mentor program you will receive assistance in preparing your application and obtaining the necessary documentation. Contact Lyn if you are interested in this addition to your training or for more details.

There are a growing number of Lifeforming coaches who have applied for and successfully obtained their ICF credential. We look forward to that number continuing to increase.

Through Lifeforming's Coaching Values. These ten values underlie everything we do as coaches, and are applied repeatedly during Lifeforming Leadership Coach training. Coaching values are referenced in the coaching notes of each exercise with these catch phrases.

  1. Believing in People The unconditional belief of a coach unleashes the power of God for change in a client's life.
  2. God Initiates Change God is the sovereign initiator of change in our lives.
  3. Leaders Take Responsibility Instead of waiting for others to care for them, leaders take responsibility for their own growth.
  4. Transformation Happens Experientially The things that really shape us happen experientially, not by accumulating information.
  5. Learning from Life All things work together for good if we are learning from life.
  6. Ministry Flows out of Being Who I am is what I have to give.
  7. Learning Community Growth and change are maximized within an accountable learning community of authentic relationship.
  8. Authentic Relationships Open and honest relationships are what make the body of Christ an experienced reality.
  9. Own–Life Stewardship God has entrusted each person with the stewardship of his or her own life.
  10. Each Person is Unique Each person is a uniquely designed individual with a distinctive gifting, history, and call.