Imagination Solutions


Welcome to the PLUS with Imagination Solutions,  where you will be empowered to coach your own clients as a Lifeforming Growth Coach during your continued training!

The Plus adds conversational market-focused training and tools so you can succeed getting coach clients in today’s digital world. This can be utilized during your coach training or in a separate Gap 8-week program to kick start you coaching business!  That means you have taken Foundations in Accelerated Coach Training. Now it is time to engage in the conversational market-focused training, tools and coaching, the Gap! You will complete the program with the Certification in Accelerated Coach Training.  The end result is you are a Certified Lifeforming Associate Coach, you have increased coaching hours, competence, and cash flow…imagine that!

You will reconnect to your big WHY as you Discover your coaching calling.

You will develop your best Coaching Posture and Products to serve others.

You will design your tailor-made Strategy Model for developing cash flow.

You will refine your client niche Plan for getting your services to those looking for you.

You will accelerate your creative coaching solutions by Team collaboration communications.

You will receive an amazing Digital Platform with consultation for building your ministry/business.

Time to Connect:

Connect with Dr. Joseph Umidi at

Call our office manager Mark at 1-757-631-4440
Ask us for the link to our Q & A Zoom sessions before we start.