Authentic Leadership Program

Earn Two Certifications in the Authentic Leaders Program. You will learn to maximize the potential of those you serve as a Lifeforming Growth Coach and MERIT Profile Advisor. Using the MERIT Profile, a Character Development Report in 10 MAXIMIZERS Principles and using professional coaching competencies as Lifeforming Growth Coach, clients can work to becoming the best version of themselves; more productive, engaged, focused and motivated.

Course Description:

The Authentic Leaders Programme is specifically designed to train coaches to unlock sustainable personal change in leaders and other clients they will work with.  At Lifeforming we believe that you cannot facilitate transformation in others without yourself having been transformed.  We also believe the same principle applies for leadership; you must be able to self-govern before you can lead others.

By focusing on the Heart of a Coach you will not only be equipped with professional coaching skills, and competencies in the Accelerated Coach Training (ACT) program but you will also experience personal transformation that will give you authenticity as a Lifeforming Growth Coach.

Additionally, Lifeforming has the tools and methodologies to help distinguish you as a coach in a market that is becoming increasingly crowded.  The MERIT Profile Advisor certification it a powerful psychometric assessment that enhances the methodologies you will learn and access during the ACT.

Your clients understand that in today’s competitive workplace environment, it is critical that leadership invest resources that help maximize their human capital assets – people!  As an MERIT Profile Advisor (MPA) you will be able to support individuals in developing their Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE).  A leaders PLE is rooted in who they are, not what they do, i.e. Character.  The MPA certification uses core character-centered coach training and focuses on 10 Character competencies, The MAXIMIZERS.  These competencies have been extensively researched and tested and are truly universal personal leadership principles that can be implemented and applied in today’s diverse workplace environment. Every human being has a DNA makeup that is comprised of certain Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments (ABC) that are vital to how they maximize their life opportunities – the MAXIMIZERS focus in on these ABC’s.

The MPA certification, combined with the internationally accepted core coaching competencies in the ACT, will enable you to add value to individuals and organizations giving them the foundation required to be a high performing organization, i.e. and organization that achieves maximum performance and productivity, improving the overall health and stability of the organization, communities and families.


MERIT Profile Advisor Certification



Lyn Eichmann, PCC
10 Lessons


Authentic Leadership Program

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Authentic Leadership Program


MPA Certification Outcomes

Professional Outcomes

  • Extensive understanding of the methodology, process and application of the MERIT PROFILE
  • Confidently analyse results of the MERIT Profile
  • Facilitate de-briefings with clients on their results and apply them in a wide variety of coaching situations to help client’s meet their goals
  • Complete an MPA project

Personal Outcomes

  • Teaches pro-active habit development and personal discipline
  • Learn how to build a strong self-image.
  • Deal with fears, problems and other difficulties proactively.
  • Live a value-driven lifestyle that reflects in work and at home.
  • Discover a sense of personal vision, mission, and purpose for life.
  • Teaches how to develop personal balance in attitudes, priorities, and goals.
  • Develop skills to listen, confront, empathize, and coach.
  • Live a character-based lifestyle.
  • Make the necessary mid-course corrections and to deal with constant change.
  • Learn the importance of staying focused and not quitting on the important issues.

ACT Credential Outcomes

  • Unlock Sustainable Change
  • Define the Coaching Paradigm
  • Develop the Heart of a Lifeforming Coach
  • Learn to Listen in Partnership and Ask More Powerful Questions
  • Develop Healthy Accountability in Authentic Relationships
  • Learn Two Models for Coaching Conversations
  • Gain a Coaching Approach to Change and Growth
  • Setup and Build a Coaching Relationship with Feedback and Supervision