Transformational Values


Enhancing the ability to make courageous decisions based upon unique personal values!
Most people have no idea how to articulate their core personal values, or even what that means. Yet they drive our actions, desires, decisions, preferences, and so much more! The good news is that there are clues throughout our life, we have been living them since childhood. This book will help you discover this abstract, God-given part of your design. You will also learn a coaching approach to help others discover their core motivation, a valuable discovery for everyone to live an on target life of fulfillment..

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Here are some benefits of this book:

  • Understand why valuing values is key to living a life of passion and purpose
  • Interact with powerful questions that clarify your own values in ten key life areas
  • Help others at home and work discover what uniquely matters to them and why
  • Make important life choices that are anchored in your core personal values

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